Pagosan Tari Woods Wins $1,000,000

Tari Woods won one million dollars Thursday from Publisher’s Clearing House.

For those of us invited to cover the event locally, The SUN and, it was a few days of secrets . It wasn’t easy, who doesn’t want to blab amazing news?

Danielle Lam returned a call to me from the Durango Airport when the team arrived. She was really being conversational about how beautiful it is here. I felt the need and apoligized for the air quality, it was one of the smoky days. She said,”It looks great to me, I’m from New York City!”

So, straight from New York City, it’s the Danielle Lam show.  Danielle is vivacious with a heavy dose of personality. Perfect for this job. The New York team and local media met at Wildflower Floral and Gift Gallery where the balloons were ready. Then the troop moved to a staging area in the City Market parking lot. Danielle is showing the first real check for twenty five thousand, to get them though the night I guess!

The sign is quickly attached to the van while the videographer runs around with correct shirt and tape.

A quick photo-op was in order so Danielle flashed the “big check.” It was at about this time I felt a surge of energy in the air as went to full tilt hemorrhage status.  

The people driving or walking by began making the connection and grins were shown all around. One of them was Tari Woods but she didn’t see the name and went about her business.

A few seconds for last minute primping and it was “SHOW TIME.”

When the van stops it is all out action, everything must be perfect and recorded on video for the all important commercial, coming soon to a TV near you.


I don’t know what Tari and Tim were thinking at this moment of realization, it’s none of our business!

Danielle said later that it takes time for the full measure of this sinks in.

Happy day Tari!