Ron Schweickert, When Taxidermy becomes Fine Art

Ron Schweickert is a very talented taxidermist using his skills to create new levels of art in this field. His works are not just excellent taxidermy but also are dramatic compositions that can be charming and comical to realistic scenes of native wildlife. He currently has some items for sale and can do custom work to fit your and his imaginations. You do not have to supply an animal as they frequently become available by natural attrition and road kills.

Ron’s newest is this critter waving the surrender flag to hunters.

Contact Mount-N-Man Taxidermy at 264-5509.  




The bear is probing a bee hive and…



an angry bee on the nose becomes an alarming situation.



These guys are way cute.



A creative glass table for a corner decoration.



A dramatic instant in time preserved.





Birds also capture Ron’s imagination. Here a bird primps and below a realistic flying scene.





This is one proud turkey.



Even comedy comes out in this cute work.