Scenic Lookout & Stage Proposal for Reservoir Hill fits the Environment



The following series of Photoshop images helps explain proposed features including a scenic lookout and an idea for a municipal stage.


San Juan Mountain Scenic Lookout Tower

This idea is to do a Continental Divide – San Juan Mountain exhibit. It is located at the peak of Reservoir Hill on the northeast corner. From this point the entire panorama is seen.

This is a current version of the local panorama.

See this panorama larger here.


The panorama is seen from this high point on The Hill. A narrow trail currently accesses the spot. The trail needs to be improved into a safe walkway. It is not a long distance. There is a possibility of having an improved access for the handicapped.



Envisioned is a three level tower with the scenic exhibit on the top floor. The exhibit is the panorama drawing etched into aluminum plaques. Information including mountain names and topographic features along with forest access roads, rivers, lakes and other items of interest are shown. Also included are coded numbers that refer to framed information mounted on the protected inner surfaces of the center structure. This information includes geology and historic locations.


The tower can be shorter than shown here as most of the view is available from ground level. Towers are popular with tourists. Here is a link to a tower selected because the location is similar to Pagosa Springs in size and remoteness. It is a tourist town in a scenic location  Click here.    


This exhibit can be promoted as the first place to come for people wanting to do outdoor recreation in this area. One can easily see and decide where to hike, camp, fish etc.


See enlarged view click here.   

Near the tower is a demonstration of the geology of how the divide range of southwest Colorado was formed. Built into the ground of concrete and other reliable materials is an exhibit of  four stages of mountain building. A plaque provides a description of each stage. People tend to flock to this type of exhibit and moms and dads like the educational aspect. The facility might be used for Boy – Girl Scouts, 4-H, Forest – Park Service type lectures and campfire assemblies. There are many possibilities working with school and church groups.



There  should be a display of Pagosa’s own endangered spieces, the Pagosa skyrocket. Reservoir Hill is an important part of the plant’s “critical habitat.” As more and more people visit Reservoir Hill there will need to be signs warning the public to not disturb the plant. 


The image below details one of four geology models shown in its actual location on the hill.  


A public stage and amphitheater.


A public outdoor stage is a very popular item in many places. Pagosa is blessed with people interested in theatrical productions. A permanent stage would enhance the ability of these groups. There are also traveling shows looking for venues to operate in. All of this helps provide day and evening entertainment for the area.   

We might build the stage as part of a larger structure housing restrooms, a kitchen and secure areas.  It would be available for family and group gatherings, weddings and a host of smaller functions along with larger festivals and events. In snow season partitions close the walls and it becomes a heated mini lodge / warming hut for Nordic skiers, snowboarders and other winter users.


Building a structure of all natural materials fits well in the environment on Reservoir Hill. Fortunately, natural materials are in abundant supply in the area reducing the costs of the facility. 


Any sized tent could be attached to the stage and cover an audience. 


What a lovely location for any event or occasion. The back side would have a large deck for weddings and parties. 


We will need to promote Reservoir Hill well as it cannot be seen from the highway. Below are two images of sign possibilities. 

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