Wolf Release Programs in Colorado, too close for comfort?

I wonder how many of your readers are aware, of the planned wolf release programs in Colorado?


Official plans are under way to release wolves on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, re: the Denver post web site. This plan is being proposed by the national park service.

Another plan by the U.S.Fish and Wildlife service, to release 750 wolves along the borders of Arizona- Utah and New Mexico- Colorado particularly The South San Juan Wilderness and all colorado wilderness. There are reports of a pack of wolves on High Lonesome Ranch near De Berque Colorado with reports of pups. Wolves have devastated the Yellow Stone elk herds, from 20,000 to 6,000, the Jackson Shiras Moose 1,700 to 117, the Lolo elk herd from 20,000 to1700 Since the wolf releases about 10 years ago.

All these herds have less than 10% calves. You need 25% just to sustain a population. The Baca Befuge cannot even support 1 pack of wolves. Information can be found on the net at biggameforever.org

John M Hopkins Cortez Colorado

The following is from their website

Wolf overpopulation is dramatically damaging and even eliminating entire populations of Moose, Rocky Mountain Elk and other large ungulate populations. Wolf predation is erasing decades of effort and hundreds of millions invested in rebuilding healthy big game populations.

Ill-advised experimentation and anti-management philosophy continues to be pushed by extreme animal rights and anti-sportsmen special interest groups. This war on the west threatens big game herds, proactive state wildlife management, use of renewable wildlife resources and the western way of life. Our success ensures that delicate wildlife populations are restored to healthy levels.

Our combined effort is needed to make sure that these giants of the forest are not lost for generations to come in our wilderness areas. We must act now to protect our future. Help us win this battle by signing our petition.

As many are aware, there are an increasing number of delisting proposals that have been proposed both in Congress and in the courts. The results of these proposals are quite different from one another. For example, one proposal would allow for a wolf hunt in Montana and Idaho under federally approved restrictions but would do nothing for other states with wolf concerns. H.R. 509 and S.249 which has been the focus of BGF would return state management to all states. Some efforts are underway to push compromise bills that would return full authority State Management in some states but not others. We would love to hear your opinion.